Environment & QA - Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ)

Environment [Sustainability]



Airports Company of Zimbabwe is committed to promoting a sustainable environment, and to preserving it for the benefit of the present and future generations. Our concern with the environment goes to the heart of our focus on sustainability.

Our approach is therefore to continue to entrench sound environmental management philosophies and business practices that will sustain Airports company of Zimbabwe’ value into the future.





The Organization’s approach to environmental management is based on the simple model of plan, develop, implement, audit and review to ensure continual improvement (Deming’s cycle).

Airports Company of Zimbabwe complies with the Environmental Management Act Ch 20: 24. Our policies and procedures are developed in accordance with national legislation and these will seek to address aircraft noise, bird management, air quality, effective waste management and pollution prevention to ensure sustainability as we seek to contribute towards a green environment.






Airports Company of Zimbabwe’s environmental management system will be aligned to ISO 14001 standard as the Organization’s seeks to ensure implementation of effective Business environmental management systems in-line with industry best practice.

The organization’s environmental management strategy will include attaining various Environment related Industry specific accreditations (ACA, etc) in 2023 and Certification of the Airports to ISO 14001 by 2024.


ACZ commits to implementation of the following initiatives as part of its Environmental Management Plan

  • · Prevention of land, air, water and noise pollution.
  • Airports Carbon Accreditation initiatives.
  • Implementation of an Energy Management System in-line with ISO 50001: 2011.
  • Formation of alliances with local authorities to ensure coordination of pollution prevention programs.
  • Implementation of environmental monitoring programs.
  • Implementation of environmental clean-up programs in-line with the national strategy
  • Implementation of environmental sensitive wildlife management techniques
  • Implementation of a Geographic Information Systems wildlife management system to reduce risk of aircraft bird strikes.
  • Airport stakeholder awareness training on environmental management initiatives
  • Prepare and publish Annual ESG Impact reports.



Quality Assurance



The Airports Company of Zimbabwe established a Quality Assurance Division responsible for coordinating and ensuring implementation of best practice standards in-line with the Organization’s vision of becoming a “Regional Choice of Airport Services by 2023” in its endeavour to become a World Class Airport operator.


The Quality Assurance Division shall ensure conformance to, but may not be limited to the following;

  1. Regulatory requirements set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
  2. All applicable National Legislation
  3. Guidelines set forth by the following Global Aviation & Other relevant institutions
    1. ICAO – International Civil Aviation Authority
    2. ACI - Airport Council International
    3. IATA – International Air Traffic Association
    4. WHO – World Health Organization
    5. ISO Standards – International Organization for Standardization
    6. CAPSCA – Collaborative Arrangements for Management & Prevention of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation.
  4. To this end, ACZ is working towards the following accreditations and Certifications
    1. ISO 9001: 2015 [Quality Management Systems]
    2. ISO 14001: 2015 [Environmental Management Systems]
    3. ISO 45001: 2018 [Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems]
    4. ISO 50001: 2011 [Energy Management Systems]
    5. ISO 31000: [Enterprise-wide Risk Management Framework]
    6. ACA _ Airports Carbon Accreditation
    7. AHA _ Airports Health Accreditation