Covid - Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ)


Covid and Updates

  • Airports are open and operating
  • Passengers are encouraged to enquire with their airlines / destinations or host countries on the vaccination and Covid-19 test requirements
  • There are testing facilities at the Airports
    • RGMIA - GOPATH LAB: +263779177439; +263779002057;
    • VFIA – GOPATH LAB: LAB +263782967528; +263781639770
    • JMNIA

Frequently asked some

How will social distancing be enforced at Airports

Social distancing signage is up in the terminal building, and ACZ customer service team will ensure that guidelines are enforced.

What are the rules on wearing masks?

Passengers must have a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Masks will also be sold at vending machines within airport building. Please note that children under five are not required to wear face masks.

Where will hand sanitizers be placed at the airports?

Hand sanitizers will be made available at strategic passenger journey touchpoints throughout the terminals. Soap is also provided in all bathroom facilities.

What have you done to make airports safer?

Airports Company of Zimbabwe implemented strict health compliance protocol, including social distancing, temperature screening all passengers and staff, regular deep cleaning, and surface sanitizing of the airports.

What will Airports company of Zimbabwe do if a traveler or person who works for the Airport becomes infected with Covid-19.

We will activate our AEP, PHE response plan. Any staff member suspected to be ill will be placed in isolation and once a Covid-19 case is confirmed, the Ministry of Health will be informed.

COVID -19 Travel Regulations

Airports are Points of entry for both entry and exit of travelers, cargo and conveyances. To slow down international spread of COVID-19 and other Public Health Events of International Concern (PHEIC), staff and infrastructure at all our IHR (2005) designated International Airports of Zimbabwe are prepared to detect and manage ill people and to refer them to public health services safely. All our airports frontline staff have been trained in Public Health Events Management in Air Transport (PHEMAT).

Our Covid-19 Regulations That Apply To Travelers Coming Into Zimbabwe

  • All travelers and returnees 12 years and above must have their covid 19 vaccination certificates.
  • All travelers and returnees 12 years and above without vaccination certificates should have valid PCR certificates issued within 48 hrs of traveling
  • Travelers without vaccination certificates or PCR as shown in 1 and 2 will be denied entry.
  • Returnees without vaccination certificates or PCR as shown in 1 and 2 will undergo quarantine at a selected quarantine centre at their own cost.
  • Children below 12 years do not require any vaccination or PCR certificates.