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Masvingo Airport

Masvingo Airport

Masvingo Airport is situated 2.5 Nautical miles east of the City of Masvingo in the southern part of Zimbabwe and provides access to the City of Masvingo, Lake Mutirikwi, Kyle Recreational Park, the giant Tokwe Mukosi dam and the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, which is the largest ancient settlement of stone works in Southern Africa and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The airport is mainly used by Tourists, residents of the City of Masvingo, mining companies such as Murowa Diamonds, Bikita Minerals, Renco Mine and the farming community.


Facilities and services


  • The airport operates from 08:00 to 16:00 Hours, however hours of operation can be extended when need arises.
  • Limited air traffic services and aircraft parking.
  • Types of Aircraft permitted: IFR/ VFR / Light and Medium sized aircraft
  • 1726 meters long and 18 meters wide runway.
  • Coordinates:  200343S 0305143E
  • Immigration and Customs available on 24 hour prior booking
  • 24 hour security


Details of the Air Navigation Systems:


Type of AidIDFrequency
Communication FrequencyMasvingo approach119.6MHz
NDB Outer LocatorMS317KHz
NDB Inner LocatorVI353KHz