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Charles Prince Airport

Charles Prince Airport

The Airport started operations in the early 1940s as a training base for pilots for the Royal Air force and the Southern Rhodesian Air force in the Second World War. The base closed around 1948.

In 1957 Mashonaland Flying Club (MFC) relocated to the then Mt Hampden airfield after approval from the Department of Civil Aviation from the then Marlborough airfield (present day New Marlborough)

Mount Hampden Airfield was then unmanned and designated as a training airfield. Charles Hilton Prince started working at this airfield in 1958 as an Air Traffic Controller and Airport Manager. Charles was an experienced Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor and first Civilian Air Traffic Controller and the first Airport Manager at Mt Hampden Airfield. He was at the airport from1958 to 1973. In honour of his service as a much-respected pioneer of aviation (from 1937 to 1973) the Rhodesian government renamed Mt Hampden Airfield ‘Charles Prince’ after Charles Hilton Prince on 22 June 1978.

Charles Prince Airport is located in Mt Hampden 12 km from Westgate (23km from the Harare Main Post Office). It is under Zvimba Rural District Council. The airport is owned and operated by the Airports Company of Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (ACZ). It is the home of flight training organisations, charter operators as well as aircraft maintenance organisations in Zimbabwe.


Facilities and services


  • The airport caters for aircraft that fall under 5,700 kg maximum all up weight (MAUW).
  • Charles Prince Airport has two (2) crossing runways, Runway 06-24 which is 1,200 metres long and 17 metres wide and Runway 14-32 which is 925 metres long and 18 metres wide.
  • Corresponding parallel taxiways to the runways
  • Two parking aprons for up to 35 light aircraft
  • The airport operates from 0600 to 1800 hours every day except on Wednesday when the airport operates up to 2000 hours (local time).
  • Fully manned by Immigration and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) from 0600 to 1800 Hours every day except on Public Holidays where prior booking is required.  
  • Category 5 fire cover
  • Aviation Fuel facilities for both Jet A-1 and Avgas are available at the airport