Safety - Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ)

Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality Assurance




The Airports Company of Zimbabwe is firmly committed to high standards of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management at all its Airport Operations located in different parts of the country. To this end, ACZ has embarked on journey to implement best practice business management systems to ensure safety and health of its employees, travellers, airport stakeholders, business partners, customers and surrounding communities.

ACZ, being a new entity is currently in the process of establishing and implementing the best business practice safety, health, environment and quality management systems for all its operation airports around the country.

The organization’s continual improvement drive in its management systems will be clearly set with specific, measurable and attainable targets as we seek to become “The Regional Choice of Airport Services by 2030”.




  • Ramp safety notes
    • As ACZ we acknowledge that the manoeuvring area is high risk operation zone due to high activity from landing, taking-off, taxiing and parking aircrafts, operation vehicles and tugs, ground staff activities and disembarking and embarking passengers.
    • We are committed to reduce aviation accidents and incidents through a robust airside safety management system that include as key strategies:
      • Airside driving training and establish and enforce speed restrictions and communications procedures for vehicles drivers;
      • Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) to coordinate ground operations;
      • Skilled airside officers who supervise airside operations;
      • Maintain paint lines, taxiway markings, and light guidance systems in highly visible condition;
      • Infrastructure like aerobridges, Cobus and ground staff to ensure safe passenger movement and
      • Runway Safety Teams to ensure runway safety for aircrafts




  • Terminal safety notes
    • The airport terminal is a complex building composed of many functional subsystems dimensioned to host passenger traffic, considering an appropriate level of service (LoS),
    • Departure and boarding Halls are fitted with airport seats for passenger safety and comfort whilst waiting for check-inn and boarding aircraft
    • Regularly cleaning services are done in a safe manner to ensure passenger safety and best customer services experience without disruption of terminal services processes.



Inside the Terminal Departure Hall with seats and controlled cleaning services underway for passengers safety and comfort while waiting for check-inn processes.



  • Land Safety
    • Increased air traffic also means increased road traffic which must be taken into account around the airport. Indeed, the variation in the total number of passengers also means a revision of the access to the airport.
    • Our Airport access roads are well labelled with all necessary road traffic signs and pedestrian crossings plus dedicated Car safe traffic officers to guide vehicles on the pick-up and drop-off zone to ensure safe movement of traffic and airport users on the landside.
    • We acknowledge that landside capacity is as important as the airside capacity, indeed all the infrastructures in the airport serve the aircraft operations, and therefore the subsystem with the lowest capacity defines the final capacity of the whole airport. To this effect we are currently upgrading our Terminals to improve capacity and thus reducing overcrowding and ensure safe passenger movement.



Guard shield to protect passengers and workers from construction activities and traffic signs for safe traffic movement