About Us - Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ)

About Us

The Airport Company of Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (ACZ) was established in 2018 through an Act of Parliament. The Civil Aviation Amendment Act, 2018 (No. 10 of 2018)


To optimize the customer’s travel experience through sustainable development and management of quality airports


The regional choice of airport services by 2030.


  • A ccountability
  • I ntegrity
  • R eliability
  • P eople
  • O wnership
  • R espect
  • T eamwork
  • S ustainability

ACZ Mandate

  • To acquire, establish, develop, maintain, manage, control and operate airports in Zimbabwe

  • To provide facilities and services required for handling passengers, aircraft, baggage and cargo at all airports

  • To plan, design, construct, equip, maintain, repair, adapt and modify airports to the standards required or approved by the Authority for the carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and freight by air

  • To develop identified airports in Zimbabwe to be regional air transportation hubs (cargo, passenger and support airline hub operations)

  • To provide safety and security measures for the handling of passengers, baggage, cargo and aircraft together with the personnel requisite thereto, in accordance with local and international standards and recommended best practices and procedures and

  • To operate as a full commercial entity putting more focus on business development and commercial activities.

Our vision
To become the regional choice of airport services by 2030